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Telematics for the people – PMV roundtable.

Telematics for the people – PMV roundtable.

The broad category of vehicle-related data-gathering technology known as telematics is hugely unpotentiated in the Middle East and the widespread uptake of sophisticated telematic features remains a way off.

In order to discuss these challenges and potential steps towards a wider adoption and implementation of telematics in the region,  PMV hosted a roundtable event with three professionals of the industry.

While the capabilities far exceed what the end users know about telematics at the moment, the experts agreed that the awareness is starting to creep into the market. The understanding that telematics is not just “where is my vehicle?” and further provides benefits in terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) will rise, mainly driven by increased fuel prices in the region.

PMV Roundtable_3

Apart from TCO, the panelists also emphasize the importance of driver training
and education in the GCC. “From a safety viewpoint, top manufacturers have a
lot of systems in the trucks; the driver is the manager of these systems; and the telematics manages the driver”, said Naveen Sook, FleetBoard manager at
Daimler CV MENA. While the telematics systems are all available to improve the safety of transport in the UAE and GCC, the experts criticize the missing legislation
in the region, which obstructs safer driving.

Find out all outcomes of the roundtable discussion in the complete article under: http://www.constructionweekonline.com/emagazines/pmvme_922.php


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