Driving Force


Driving Force

Your mobility is our driving force.

Driving Force

There are many reasons to select a Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle, including quality, reliability, power, and durability in everyday service – but also the security of getting help quickly when you need it.

We strive to cultivate a long-term business relationship with our fleet owners, as their partner of choice for reliable commercial vehicles and high quality After-Sales services.

Fleet checks

All fleet owners share a common goal: timely deliveries and trouble-free trips at the lowest possible cost. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is one of the main indicators, so expert knowledge of the fleet’s maintenance and repair needs is crucial in scheduling fleet activity.

Workshop expertise is very important. That is why the Daimler network works hard to ensure that the know-how in the workshop meets the high standards of the vehicle – no matter if it is a network-owned workshop or a workshop owned by one of our fleet customers. Our authorised workshops perform regular fleet checks at the customer’s location. A team of certified and experienced technicians, supported by technicians from the factory in Germany and equipped with a mobile workshop, visit the customer’s location to perform inspections on site. Full vehicle reports are provided to the customer after each inspection.

Our fleet checks ensure that your fleet operates at its maximum potential.


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