The Unimog U 4000/U 5000. Succeeding where others don’t
even arrive.

The harder and more extreme the terrain, the more important it is to have a vehicle that is absolutely reliable and safe. The Unimog’s robust construction and outstanding workmanship, plus cutting edge engineering, ensures that it’s ready to handle any situation.


Telligent® systems: smoother interactions for more efficiency, reliability and safety.

Telligent® systems support the driver by helping to prevent mistakes. Telligent® enables very fast data exchange between all electronic controls of the vehicle and thus makes sure that the engine, the brakes, and the chassis are all interacting smoothly.


Power for every task.

The Unimog U 4000/U 5000 has an auxiliary drive for running hydraulic pumps for cranes or excavators. It also has a fast auxiliary drive for connecting to fire-extinguishing pumps or similar power units. The PTOs (power take-offs) are operated via a pull switch in the centre console, while the hydraulic or fire-extinguishing pumps are controlled via a special CANbus-linked module with programmable parameters.

Hydraulic System

Simple to connect, easy to operate.

The Unimog’s powerful hydraulic system with a working pressure of up to 240 bar can run an oil engine or an external control panel, making it suitable both for permanent consumers and for operating implements via valves. Standard plug connectors make for easy, fast and error-free fitting. Two hydraulic connections each at front and rear (pressure and return line) are available to operate winches, cranes etc.


Single tyres. For anywhere and everywhere.

Single tyres. For anywhere and everywhere.

Unlike conventional four-wheel-drive trucks with twin tyres fitted on the rear axle, the Unimog has four single tyres. The rear wheels always run in the compressed tracks created by the front wheels, which offers higher traction and lower rolling resistance. With a wide range of tyre sizes and types available, the Unimog can be equipped with exactly the right tyres for the respective terrain.

Advantages at a glance:

  • A large selection of tyres is available: from MPT low-pressure tyres to special sand and high-traction models.
  • Chains can also be used for snow or difficult terrain, depending on the chosen tyre size.
Central tyre inflation system (Tirecontrol): </br>always the right tyre pressure.

Central tyre inflation system (Tirecontrol):
always the right tyre pressure.

A further plus when driving over challenging or soft terrain: Tirecontrol, the optional system for adjusting tyre pressures quickly and flexibly to suit changing surface conditions while on the move. At the touch of a button, the driver seated in the cab can decrease the air pressure to increase the tyre contact area, preventing the Unimog from sinking into soft ground and also increasing traction.

Advantages at a glance:

  • High traction, good self-cleaning properties and reduced tracks on the ground
  • Flexible tyre pressure adjustment while driving, to suit the respective terrain
  • Longer tyre life as optimum tyre pressure is maintained
  • Less soil compaction and less damage to the environment thanks to greater tyre contact area

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