Top performers in the
toughest conditions.

Reliability and robustness are defining features of the Arocs. With its chassis and suspension components optimised for off-road transport the Arocs always cuts a fine figure even in the harsh conditions of the Middle East and North Africa. Learn more about the solid, durable frame structure on this page.
The Arocs has many strengths. <br/>Giving in is not one of them.

The Arocs has many strengths.
Giving in is not one of them.

The narrow frame, with a width of 744 mm and a longitudinal member thickness of 8 or 9 mm, which is made of cold formed, high-strength fine-grained steel, is used in vehicles intended for deployment mainly on construction sites and for off-road driving. This ensures highest reliability and torsional flexibility even in difficult conditions.

The right suspension
for every application.

The Arocs is equipped  with a durable steel suspension. For use in heavy-duty construction site operations the steel suspension impresses with its robust, solid construction, high performance and loadability. With the weight-optimized parabolic springs and precisely matched shock absorbers and stabilisers you are optimally prepared even in difficult conditions.

The right suspension<br/>for every application.
By far the best. play

By far the best.

Different applications call for a different amount of ground clearance. Whether it’s a platform chassis, concrete mixer or tipper – the Arocs meets practically any requirements.
All Arocs trucks go into operation with a higher frame, resulting in greater ground clearance. Different variants of exhaust gas outlet, compressed air system, batteries and tanks with various cross-sections contribute to the large ground clearance between the axles. This results in a substantially improved ramp angle.

Create your most suitable vehicle, fitted with the correct body for your operation.

With its modular layout of the chassis concept, the Arocs is a bodybuilder friendly truck and ensures an easy installation of tailor made bodies.
Several mounting elements are systematically positioned for specific body structures and clear areas on the frame are already defined at the factory for e.g. support legs or stowage boxes. Thus no subsequent conversion or relocation of assemblies is required. Also, an easy access to the electrical and pneumatic attachments is ensured.

Create your most suitable vehicle, fitted with the correct body for your operation.

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