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The Arocs was designed to meet the most difficult challenges and to introduce a new dimension in off-road transportation. All features of the Arocs are precisely matched to one another and therefore the maximum performance, reliability and efficiency is achieved. Numerous practical features help drivers, even in rough driving conditions and support them at their individual task.


Economic and safe driving with <br/> Mercedes PowerShift 3.

Economic and safe driving with
Mercedes PowerShift 3.

Superior dynamic response, simple handling and low fuel consumption: the automated transmission ensures precise gear selection, short shift times, high driving comfort and optimal economy. Mercedes PowerShift 3 is the tried and tested, high-performance automated gearshift system for your Arocs. Shift times are up to 20 percent shorter than with Mercedes PowerShift 2 and up to 50 percent shorter than with Telligent® automated gearshift.

For every job the right gear.

For every job the right gear.

Mercedes PowerShift 3 applies sensitive sensor technology for gear shifting to ensure the right gear selection in accordance with the given driving and load situation. Overrun mode on a downhill gradient is identified and the gear is held. The crawl function with integral manoeuvring mode makes moving off easy and manoeuvring precise and responsive. Furthermore, there are various transmission modes and additional functions to make driving in off-road transport easier. Mercedes PowerShift 3 provides additional functions such as direct shifting from 1 to R and reverse gears with high ratios for simple manoeuvring.

Turbo retarder clutch

Designed for extreme loads.

Designed for extreme loads.

The wear-free turbo retarder clutch combines the functions of a hydrodynamic start-up clutch and a primary retarder in a single component. The engine-speed retarder supplies up to 720 kW of brake power directly from low speeds. Designed for extreme loads, it is precisely matched to Mercedes PowerShift 3 and the electronic engine management system.

Safety systems

Safe. Safer. Arocs.

Safe. Safer. Arocs.

Mercedes-Benz offers many safety and assistance systems to reduce risks and increase driving comfort for the driver.

Safety systems*:

  • ABS (standard)
  • ASR (standard)
  • Hazard warning lights flashing in case of emergency braking (standard)
  • Active Brake Assist 4 (optional)
  • Lane-keeping Assist (optional)
  • Attention Assist (optional)
  • Proximity Control Assist (optional)
  • Stability Control Assist (optional)
  • Rain-/Light sensor (optional)
  • Driver Airbag (optional)

 *Not all safety features for all vehicle configurations available.

Electronic brake system

Improve safety and reduce wear.

Improve safety and reduce wear.

The Electronic Brake System, includes Anti-lock braking (ABS) and Anti-slip regulation (ASR) as a standard for all Arocs models. The system controls the brake system electronically and brakes each wheel individually. It also integrates secondary braking to improve safety and reduce wear.


Steer your fleet towards success.

Steer your fleet towards success.

Several factors are paying in on reduced Total Cost of Ownership: from Telematics to Mercedes-Benz Service Solutions. Telematics help you manage your fleet with ease - and achieve greater efficiency.
Systems such as the proven Performance Analysis track key performance indicators over the long term - for instance, helping drivers achieve and maintain a preventative driving style, which reduces wear and consumption. Optimized maintenance intervals and fewer workshops visits also increase the economic viability of your vehicles. Significant fuel savings are within reach, personnel and administrative costs are closely monitored, and the whole package is easily integrated into your company's network. Mercedes-Benz Service Solutions and driver training are offered optionally and paying in on even further reduction of your Total Costs of Ownership.


* Available in selected markets.


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