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The Actros offers a wide selection of different applications. Strong and rugged, it meets all the varied requirements throughout the region. Whether for long haulage or in rough construction areas, the Actros is the ideal option when it comes to durability, reliability and efficiency – three essential aspects in every segment.


The tough operation in oilfields requires a rugged and durable truck, capable to withstand difficult off road conditions as well as providing efficient and safe support to the success of your projects. Thanks to our extensive experience and highest quality of Mercedes-Benz trucks, along with our first-class after sales support you can handle the harshest conditions and most demanding operation with confidence.


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max 6 vehicles
Gross vehicle weight (t)* 33 40 41 44
Wheelbases (mm) 4,200; 4,500 4,200; 4,500 5,400 5,400
Cabs S-cab; M-cab;
S-cab; M-cab;
S-cab; M-cab;
S-cab; M-cab;
Axle configuration 6x4 6x4 8x4/4 8x4/4
Engine types V6; V8 V6; V8 V6; V8 V6; V8
Horsepower 313 - 476 313 - 476 313 - 476 313 - 476
Emission classes Euro 2; Euro 3 Euro 2; Euro 3 Euro 2; Euro 3 Euro 2; Euro 3
Gearboxes (speeds) 16 16 16 16
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max 6 vehicles
* technically permitted weights/loads.

Designed for heavy-duty hauling.

Whether you are moving equipment and frac tanks using specially designed semitrailers, supplying water, or transporting brine, the Actros is up to the task. From bumper to bumper, it is built from proven, sturdy and reliable components. With special chassis reinforcements, upgraded axles, high-load suspension systems and powerful engines and powertrain, it is engineered to handle every heavy-duty task with ease.

Whatever you need – CTT can build it.

Special customer requirements such as chassis modifications, wheelbase extensions or tailor-made equipment are carried out at Mercedes-Benz Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT). Additionally, our vast expertise in the field and close cooperation with body manufacturers help you configure the ideal vehicle for your oilfield operations.


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